CAS: 10210-68-1

Appearance: Red powder

MF: C8Co2O8+4

Purity: 98%

Capacity: 5MT/YEAR

Advantage: Exclusive agent 

Status: Low temperature and keep out of the light

COA:  COA-10210-68-1.pdf

Other: 10210-68-1 of COBALT CARBONYL.pdf

Application: Solid phase reaction complexing agents, catalysts, can be used for the hydroformylation reaction, hydrogenation reaction, the hydrogenation reaction of silylation, the isomerization reaction, carboxylation reaction, hydroformylation reaction, the olefin polymerization catalysts can also be used as in place of the three titanium chloride. Gasoline antiknock additive. Preparation of high-purity cobalt salt.


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